Kasey Litt

Kasey Litt

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What can I take with me to keep my creative soul going?

Well readers -

I have a 10-day trip to Germany for work.  To the average person, it sounds exciting but because my company is there, I average usually three trips a year with little or no time to sight see.  What can I take with me to keep the craft addict happy?  I thought about taking my personal laptop because I have My Digital Design Studio on it and I could build pages (new thought -- how about creating scrap book pages specifically for your digital frame?).  But to lug another laptop through security and through the airport - yucko.  So I have a couple of beading projects I think I'll take.  They can fit and this cute little carrying case and be very unobtrusive in my carry on luggage.  Then of course pictures...I'd really like to get better as a photographer and really use my camera better.  It has some very funky features that I'm just now understanding.

what else can I work on?  I guess I can cut supplies for Easter cards and do them over there.  And I could finish MarieOdile's album finally!  Yay...that's the game plan! 

Ok so on to the creativity for the week -- it was very difficult to be creative due to a lot of pressure and time sensitive deadlines at work.  But I have been playing around with the Easter theme this week, chalks/watercolors and mini milk cartons.  Yes I said mini milk cartons!  Soo cute and fun to make.  I have a die template for the Big Shot that cuts them out.  See the picks to see how cute they are!  And also some of my other Easter themed creations.

PS I just realized that I didn't post this before I left!!!

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