Kasey Litt

Kasey Litt

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing Crafty Kids!

Hey Moms and Dads-

I've just added a new chapter to the Crafty Girl odessy  -- Crafty Kids!  I wanted an outlet for young girls or boys to be able to do some arts and crafts projects and have an outlet.  Plus a couple of hours for mom to be able to run errands is an extra bonus!

I have kind of a history of kids and art.  I love working with kids and teaching them about things I love to do. 

A couple of months ago, I invited my GA niece (no relationship by blood but big relationship by heart), Amanda, and another girl (whom I also love like a niece), Olivia, to my craft pit.  We took some pics of them with my dogs and decided to make a scrapbook page.  I went through my paper supply and had them pick out their favorite colors and favorite patterns.  Then we started punching circles and cutting strips and using the crimping tool.  We used the Big Shot and made some butterflies and I taught them how to use different glues and stamps.  Although each girl was using the same materials it was so much fun to see how different each girl's page came out. 

Last but not least, I brought out the bling -- rhinestone brads, silk flowers, felt flowers, epoxy brads.  Amanda loved the bling and she filled her page with flowers and jewels. 

Olivia  turned to her and said, "The focus of the page should be on your picture, not on all this stuff!"  Olivia very sparingly used the embellishments and carefully chose which ones and where they would go. 

Honestly, when it came time to take them home, I called up their moms and asked if I could have them longer!  I love kids so I really have to utilize my friends' offspring.  I always wanted to be a Girl Scount Leader. 

One year, our local elementary school didn't have enough parent volunteers to be "Art Mom" so I did it.  It was so much fun to incorporate art projects and music to the kids.  I had a 3rd grade class and they all wanted to know who's mom was I.  When I said no one, one incredulous kid asked, "Why???" with his big eyes looking up at me. 

This was the test, the make it or break it moment that the kids would either accept me or not.  I answered honestly and told them that I didn't have any children but I really liked kids and I really liked Art and another mom told me about this opportunity. 

The child looked at me for about half a second and said, "OK."  I guess my answer was enough. 

May 7th is the first Crafty Kids session. $15 includes all supplies for the make and take projects (and two hours minimum of baby sitting).  We will have a snack (please let me know any dietary special needs).  If you want to stay for the class feel free to...you can do the craft too!  Class starts at 3:30 - 5:30 on the first Friday of every month.  I'm also available for birthday parties or group events like youth club at church.

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