Kasey Litt

Kasey Litt

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days One through Four!

My Crafty Girl project has started with lots of heart. On Day One I went to a workshop hosted by my friend Chris and conducted by my Stampin' Up upline, Mandy Grant. We made the most beautiful Valentine's card for our Sweethearts. We used a 12 x 12 piece of Stampin' Up Close to Cocoa cardstock. I won't post a picture (I don't want my hubby to see his card before Valentine's Day!)

I have to tell you that I have become a bit of a paper snob. I have always bought whatever is on sale and have had very mixed results -- sometimes the paper is too heavy to make good folds, sometimes the paper doesn't take the ink from a stamp well and it ends up fuzzy and smudged or sometimes the die cuts reveal a white core because the paper isn't 100% colored. That is why I love the Stampin' Up cardstock because for every project, I know what my result is going to be and I'm never surprised. Plus the variety of color and speciality papers is awesome. Best of all, I think the cost is very affordable. There is also this very cool supply option that you can automatically get paper sent.

Day Two I had a little workshop at my home where I taught Angela and Cathy how to make the Valentine's day card and we also made little gift card purses (or in our case, little Valentine candy purses). Holly came late but she was able to make the purses too. We had a blast playing with all my Stampin' Up stamps. Cathy made me a prototype Valentine card using the heart treat cups! When I've perfected it, I'll post the finished product!

Day Three -- The picture here is not that clear but I'm taking a class on watercolor markers. This is using a stamp from the Eastern Blooms and four different watercolor markers. Once you color in the stamp with the markers you sprints them with water and then stamp the page. The result really makes the stamp look like hand-painted water colors.

Tonight we had Bunco and made a really cool card using the small star punch and ribbon scraps behind the punched out stars. Such a great way to use your ribbon scraps. I will post a picture tomorrow.

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