Kasey Litt

Kasey Litt

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Ready for the Countdown

So, in five days, on Monday, February 1, I'm starting my creation a day, Crafty Girl GA , 366-days of creativity (I didn't miscount...it's Leap Year). That's a lot of pressure! I'm already wondering if I can do it. Blogging everyday is a pressure! And then, aren't I creating something by the words I write to you?

So in preparation of the big project, I thought I would try to anticipate what my life looks like or will look like throughout the February 2010 - February 2011 year.

  • WORK: Last year I booked over 10 week-long plus business trips with six of them going to Germany...that was on a year where travel was supposed to be restricted due to budgetary issues. I'm anticipating less travel this year but still some. In lieu of travel, I will be working on many projects virtually which usually means 6am or 7am calls starting my day; the morning and afternoon filled with back to back calls; the afternoon booked with actual heads down work; quitting around 7pm and then on some nights, coming back at 9pm for more calls to support the West Coast teams and Asia.
  • New side business -- I've become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator. I love the Stampin' Up products and I love all the things that you can do with rubber stamps, clear stamps, great paper and some ingenuity. I learn so much and have been able to create so much with the products. I'm totally excited to be able to share this with my friends and show them how creative they can be!
  • One loving, albeit unemployed, husband and five spunky dogs including a new puppy, a large home (no cleaning service), the usual friends and family obligations...you know the drill.
  • Online Classes -- currently taking a writing class and a photography class.

So, looking at this list of stuff, I'm thinking I need to set some more project rules. What qualifies as a creation...I think writing samples do, new recipes, cards, scrapbook pages, jewelry making...really anything I can start and finish in one day. Those are the projects I'll be reporting on in this blog.

How often will I blog? I can't say that I will report everyday BUT I will report on what I've done everyday so some blogs you may get several projects all at once. If it makes sense to show a video of what I did, I will.

Last, I need to hear from you! Is there something you always wanted to try in the creative world? Let me be your guinea pig! Talk to me...

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